Hotel MR International

Best hotel in Madurai

Hotel MR International is one of the best hotels in Madurai. MR International provides best accommodation and delicious food to its guests. MR International is located amidst the heart of the city which is easily accessible to the tourists.

Fantastic place to stay in Madurai

Hotel MR intrenational offers most luxurious and comfortable stay in madurai. Hotel MR international provides accommodation at cheaper cost. Whatever be the reason for your visit to madurai hotel MR international makes it a memorable experience.

Famous traditional food restaurant restaurant in Madurai

Hotel MR international offers a good range of spiced Indian cuisines. Hotel MR international is an old time favorite now upgraded its ambience and serves mainly Indian food and snacks. Hotel MR international is a high end restaurant at Madurai that serves its guests with watering spicy Indian food of all varieties.

Hotel MR International - a world of hospitality with rich tradition, culture and service. Give a feast for your taste buds with spicy Indian cuisine at Hotel MR International.

Hotel MR international is the perfect choice for today's discerning traveller. It works 365*24*7 in a year. Just fill in our enquiry form and we will make sure that you will be responded as soon as possible. You can ring usa at anytime on 0452 2348201 - 05 Your can also visit our website at : http:// ! Our hotel located at : 61,62, Dhanappa Mudhali Street, Madurai - 625001