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Haven of cuisines!
M R International, having its premises within one of the sublime south Indian city, Madurai, provides a variety of quality food recipes with typical touch of freshness and taste.In an ambience that flashes culture and  heritage,delicious dine amidst warm reception is paradise.Our place has chiseled its name in heart of the  customers for years together by harmonizing sovereign ethics! You will feel yourself dumbstruck seeing the excellent heterogeneity exhibited in our menu!!!.

The hotel owes its success to the founder Mr.V.M.Sadasivam, who did his Intermediate at Palakkad and migrated to Madurai and in late 1930’s.With his untiring efforts and dedicated hard work at his workplace,  Rama Café,he won the heart of the owners who entrusted the entire hotch to his steward ship in 1947 and  thus emerged the renowned “Modern Restaurant”.Heirs of Mr. Sadasivam in letter and spirit are following the policies and practices laid down by him and consequently as another milestone, Modern Restaurant has entered into a new venture“ Hotel MR International” with 48 luxuriously furnished A/c & Non a/c rooms with 3-star comforts.

Exploring for a place of serenity?
With incredible dishes??
And at reasonable cost?
We are absolutely here to serve you!!!

Our Memories

our memories

Mr.V.M.Sadasivam never believed in compromise on quality.People experiencing the practices at our place are always overwhelmed by the grace and hygiene abound!Being a man of innovative ideas, Mr. V.M.Sadasivam was very particular about staffs getting trained in all specific areas.Also,he used to personally involve himself in all the sections of management from humble table cleaning to the last bit of making dish varieties...., Read More...

Hotel Services

Hotel Services

Valued patrons!
Accomplishment of any restaurant lies in the sensation the customers get once they finish their dine.Not only getting their stomach filled but the terminal victory also rests in getting their minds filled-Yea!With joy and contentment of consuming the best food consorted with exquisite care.We excel in this craft!!!
Our hotel has been the first to u......,